Enjoy guys, Leave your feedback and bug! Good luck on the jam!


LampLighter v1.1 14 MB
Lamp Lighter v1.0 14 MB


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This is amazing! Wow. It needs more content, sure, but the polish is phenomenal. Some of the level design could definitely use improvement. I would recommend make the starting platform always exist in both light and dark worlds so that I can switch between them to inspect the level without dying.


Thanks for the input, thats a great idea! I plan on going back and fixing alot of the code for this game at some point to make it a project i actually want to continue (the code is SO messy due to the rush lol)

Also, yes. My level design was extremely poor. If i do work more on this that is for sure something i am going to look into and learn a little more... This was my first platformer!

What a cool concept! And you may not have gotten to make as many rooms as you would have liked, but I enjoyed the design and everything felt so smooth.

Very professional! The artstyle was great and everything fit the theme. Like you said, it ended up being a bit too short, but i thoroughly enjoyed what I played.

I really like the atmosphere of the game. The transitions are really clean and the music is really chill and nice :)

Thanks! I think i pushed a little too far towards atmosphere and should have worked a little more on gameplay aswell. Thats what these jams are for though, learning from mistakes.